Vaka vanha Väinämöinen, tietäjä iän-ikuinen


4 thoughts on “Väinämöinen

  1. Hi Kalevanpoika, I saw your comments about Finland in Varg’s blog and you shared your knowledge about the Finnish tribes and their relations with the Swedes and so forth. You see, even though that you are finnish yourself and have a more broader knowledge on the subject than Varg, he wouldn’t believe you, or call you ignorant. It’s that way always, he’s a bit too much arrogant and if he’s wrong he won’t admit being wrong but he will correct you and if you don’t agree with his opinion on the matter, he will piss off and call you names even.

    That’s why the blog has less visits in comparison with some weeks ago, because the bickering going on and the people, who aren’t robots, they simply leave. I don’t hold anything against him but is his negative side, clashing with people very often, the so called ”pagan european brotherhood” is absent many times. It gets tiresome after a while, believe me.

    A humble man would take your valuable opinion into consideration and
    read the facts that you present, but that’s not Varg. Just my twocents on this. You can read it and delete it after if you wish.

    • I highly admire Varg and his ideas on our sick modern society, but he indeed is very devoted to his own beliefs. That means, he approaches new information very carefully, offering his own opinions in hope to correct me from a mistake I made. But despite having huge respect for Varg, I do agree with what you say. I have read his blog for 10 months now, but only recently I started commenting as well, because I noticed that he gets false information about Finns from other followers and he seems to believe it all. The posts full of new enlightening views and ideas have become lesser, and he just seems to be repeat stuff he has already lectured about. And some of the remaining active followers seem like sheep. They thirst for Vargs knowledge about certain matters and ask for ”guidance”, its like Varg is their pagan messiah, and they are his apprentices. And I appreciate your words, I don’t have professor level knowledge about our history, but I do my best to study it.

      • Thanks for your reply. I highly admire him and everything he did, even the music and the on-going fight but that doesn’t means we would be oblivious to his faults, after all we’re all men too. You added more in what I wanted to say too, about certain followers that often visit his blog, they act like sheeps. ”Pagan messiah” that’s a great term you coined heh… but let’s hope that doesn’t happen. After all he has talent to be a leader, no question, but we should be all coworkers and comrades, friends, peers… not followers or ”fans” like some are… true.
        Finland is a beautiful land, as is called ”the land of the thousand lakes” indeed…and forests too. In my opinion a people such as the finns living there since thousands of years are worth of respect and honor, but sadly history didn’t give them the privilege of that for very long, like during the period of the Swedish empire and then at the mercy of Russia later.

    • ”we should be all coworkers and comrades, friends, peers”. Yes, exactly. I was talking about this fanboy behavior, people who seem to have no real understanding for what they support, they do it because Varg leads them.

      Cold north was a challenging place to live, and some say the finnish ”sisu” roots from this environment. Finns are nordic to the bone, I see germanic tribes merely as colonists from central europe, yet we seem to have no history here. Only scraps from here and there. Ridiculed and denied information nobody gives attention to. Finns aren’t interested about their history, they think it doesn’t even exist. We only learn about swedish and russian reign in our schools. Finns apparently didn’t even exist before that. Large portion of our ancient history is just speculation from uncertain sources, such as sagas, old history books. According to a Swedish chronicle, Finnics conquer the Swedish capital and destroy it in 1187 CE. Does this information officially exist anymore? Nobody hears about it. Sorry for rambling about this, but Finns do have a good reason to hate our neighbors, they dont like us either really, yet some call us brothers.


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